Frequently asked questions

Where is Frigg based?

Vienna, Austria.

Where do you ship?

Internationally! If your country doesn't appear please send us an email or dm :)

Will my delivery arrive safely?

We do our utmost to ensure it does! All items that are even vaguely fragile are double boxed. This adds a lot of time, effort, and costs for us but it is the surest way to secure your goods. Since using this method we have had no broken or damaged deliveries.

Do you use eco packaging?

Yes! All of our packaging is reused, repurposed, recycled, or recyclable. The only exception is our "fragile" tape, which we will continue to use until what we have so as not to be wasteful. Once it has run out we will find a better option.

Which shipping carrier do you use?

Austria post

How do you price your vintage goods?

Vintage is valuable. Unlike the majority of products being produced today, vintage and antiques were made to last and have timeless appeal. We factor this, as well as the time spent sourcing, cleaning, photographing, and uploading, into consideration when pricing.

How do you price your FriggMade beaded goods?

I undercharge you. Straight up. If I factored in the time spent making, sourcing, ideating... it would cost hundreds to thousands per peice. All the beads I use are 100% pre loved, repurposed, vintage or antique. Every piece is one-of-a-kind, handmade, and unique. I produce these purely for the joy it brings me and as a protest against all the "new crap" being produced these days. I hope you find a colourful, sustainable, bizarre FriggMade item to love and call your own <3

Do you accept returns?

Only new items may be returned or exchanged, all vintage and pre-loved sales are final.

Who makes the new FriggFashion pieces?

I design all of the pieces personally and work with a producer in France who prints them for me. They only use the most sustainable materials, no plastic packaging, and have fair working conditions. See individual items for materials.