We aspire to live in a beautiful, flamboyant world where living zero-waste is the norm. That’s why we exclusively source, curate, create and sell design objects that are long-lasting and sustainable. We never compromise on our ethics or our style, and you shouldn’t either.

Our queen, our namesake, a friggin legend

In Germanic mythology, the Goddess Frigg was known for many things. Importantly, she was the goddess of the home, the domestic arts and cottage industries. She was known for spinning the clouds and heavens with her wheel.

“Domestic arts and cottage industries” AKA handicrafts AKA all art “traditionally” associated with women deserves to be treated with the same reverence as all art.

We chose the name Frigg because we celebrate everything to do with the home and interior decorating, everything handmade, and everything created by women.
We also chose the name because it’s cheeky, because “frigg” and “friggin” has come to be used in many countries as a semi-swear word, a softer version of “fuck”. This could have to do with the fact that Frigg was also the goddess of procreation and was kinda known for her “promiscuity” - did we forget to mention that? Oops.

In short: we love art and we don’t take ourselves too seriously.



We only frigg with...

Kind products

[ kahynd prod-uhkt, -uhkts ]

1. Products that are made of sustainable materials. For example: repurposed or recycled materials or renewable materials that have a minimal footprint on the planet;

2. Products that are produced and sourced under responsible and respectful labour conditions that value craftsmanship;


3. Preloved, antique and vintage objects;


At Frigg, we only stock kind products - it helps us sleep at night.